Doctor Frías

Dr. Jose Frias Manual
Medical doctor , a Spanish scientist , discoverer of the "PF -2 " and " HP- 57"
"The discovery of these new molecules using my innovative technique of extraction of active ingredients, may help current therapies against diseases and Immunosuppressive Viral"

Dr. Severin Eugenii
Doctor in biology , director of Research Center of Molecular Diagnostics & Therapy , and Lenin Prize in Medicine and Biology. Moscow
"This new substance (PF -2) , using the innovative technique of laser application ( LACE) , could be crucial to find a future cancer vaccine"

Dr. John M. Pezzuto
Doctor in biology. Vice - dean and professor at the University of Illinois ( Chicago). Chairman of the Department of Cancer Research at the University of Illinois ( Chicago). Scientific American nationality , Illinois , Chicago
"This molecule (PF -2) , may have potential use in cancer patients, and also may have a future therapeutic significance in patients with AIDS"

Dr. Miguel Rodriguez
Colonel doctor Naval Forces of the United States of America.
"The total remissions in patients with cancer , especially leukemia, have been spectacular. Finally we have a substance capable of great strength to fight against these diseases"

Dr. Harry H. S. Fong
Emeritus Professor of Pharmacognosy , University of Illinois at Chicago
"The (HP -57 ) has shown , in trials , anti - viral impressive power with great potential in hepatitis and other diseases caused by viruses , such as Ebola or AIDS"

Dr. Lilian Gandara
Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences (Florida International University) . Associate Degree in Biology Degree in Biology (Miami Dade Community College). Methods of Immunologic Research and Diagnosis Methods of Immunologic Research and Diagnosis ( Whitebsky Center for Immunology at Buffalo School of Medicine , New York State University)
"I have been an eyewitness to the symptomatic improvement that these substances (PF -2 and HP -57 ) cause in patients with cancer and hepatitis , especially in analytical response and quality of life"​

Dra. Lenik Hong
President of Puerto Cabello regional hospital, Venezuela
"Having conducted clinical studies on patients suffering from terminal cancer, all showed improvement in their quality of life, and 85% of them showed increased lymphocyte line, remaining until today asymptomatic and conducting a normal life"

Dr. Benjamin Payano Castro
Specialist biophysical methodology , practitioner of the University of Havana, Cuba
"I have had the opportunity to treat my patients with cancer and hepatitis with " PF -2 "and " HP -57 " , and I am truly surprised at the results obtained in these patients"

Dr. Lorenzo José Angulo Anasagasti
MD, chief of surgical oncology at the INOR , National Institute of Oncology and Radiotherapy , La Habana , Cuba
"I have high hopes that the " PF -2 "becomes , in a short space of time, one of the drugs have more impact internationally in the fight against cancer as well as in immunosuppressive diseases"

Dr. Alex Aller
Ph.D., deputy director of the Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research , Fort Lauderdale, Fl and Manager of "Cell Biology and Immunology Group, Sourthern RESEARCH INSTITUTE
"As we have seen in our tests , this substance (PF -2) , could be a very beneficial aid for patients who are subject to anti- tumor treatments"

Dr. Juan Salazar Reyna
Head of Research Unit of Academic Health Sciences at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas - Mexico.Catedrático hepatology at the University of Matamoros , Mexico
"In clinical trials conducted under my supervision, HP57 showed a remarkable anti - viral effect in patients with hepatitis -C, non-responders to treatment of interferon and ribavirin . Identified in 100 % of patients had clinical improvement at two weeks and complete remission of the clinical picture at the end of treatment with HP57"

Dr. Plutarco Restituyo
Honorary member of the American Gastroenterology Association . AIGE . Member of American College of Gastroenterology. ACG . Member of the American Gastroenterological Association. AGA Member of Bockus International Society
"The HP57 was used in a clinical study in patients with hepatitis -C , which had not responded to conventional , such as pegylated interferon and ribavirin treatment . In all cases transaminases leveled and there was a significant decrease in viral loads"

Dr. Francisco M. Rodriguez
Doctor specialist in biology and clinical analysis
"Throughout my experience in clinical analysis , had never seen such impressive changes in such a short time in patients who have used PF- 2 and HP- 57"

Dr. Claudio Manotas
Member of the Colombian Association of Internal Medicine . Member of the Colombian Association of Rheumatology . Member of the Association of Teachers of the National University of Colombia
"The line of research that is being conducted with these new substances , and hopeful future open doors to new drugs"

Dr. Miguel Orellana
Doctor in Medicine and Surgery
"In my experience as a doctor of medicine and surgery , he had never known a substance able to differentiate normal cells from tumor cells before"

Dr. Norma Pestano
Research director GlobalMed Technologie , HIV Protocol ( Isuv ) for GlobalMed Technologie . Research Director Research Center Mila de la Roca . Physics applied to genetics. Development Director phitofarmacológicos products , Nutrition Consultant Institute of Medicine Martines Bloomfield , NJ. Director of service to the community social Ccínica harverstraw , NY
"I have used both the PF 2 as the HP 57 in many of my patients , and I am truly amazed at the results produced in their pathologies"

NOTE: Comments science team refer exclusively to what was experienced in pre - clinical experiences , both " In- Vitro " and " Live In". And in some cases outside multihospitalarios clinical controlled trials .